What You Need To Know About Laser Eye Surgery

The first thing and the most important aspects you need to think about when it comes to laser eye surgery are whether or not the surgery is right for you. First of all, you need to have an eye condition that is suitable for an operation. There are many such conditions, but you should visit your eye doctor to ensure that the conditions are met. Also, you have to ensure that your eyesight has stopped changing. Time and again, people try to get laser eye surgery before their vision stabilizes. After surgery, the patient can see well for several months, but it later gets worse again, and they will need contacts or glasses again to see well. If you are thinking about laser eye surgery, ensure that your eyesight has been stable for several years first.

There are hazards and benefits of having laser eye surgery. Every clinic will ensure that patients understand what could occur if something went wrong during the surgery. Blurred eyesight can be experienced after surgery or, if they accidentally scratch the eye just after surgery, and there’s no shielding flap, the just-formed fold covering the cornea can move resulting to problems.

After surgery.

Within four weeks after surgery, the patient will have to wear a protective shield to bed, allowing the cornea flap to heal itself fully with its new surroundings. Again, and this can’t be stressed enough, scratching the eyes just after operation will result in an unchangeable complication.

After the operation, for eight weeks long, a patient should not participate in swimming activities and sitting in a hot tub. He or she should not take part in contact sports or wear eye makeup too.

Laser eye surgery takes lots of patience and self-control, and one has to survive the mental block that a real laser is burning off part of one’s eye. However, once the pros and cons are weighed, a person should be ready to go through with the surgery.